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February 13th, 2011

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yeah , i have actually alot of cost-free time . . . So im gonna placed all 1000 ways to dieINORDER hereee !::1 - Ichiboned -A young, embarrassy Japanese couple that has been married for 7 years and also never had actually sex , until one day, after a party of plum wine, theytry, and succeed.Their mind were no physically prepared for such a shock, however, and also they both dice from cardiac arrest after ~ having countless orgasms .47 - Re-Coiled - A survivalist life alone in the wilderness is shoot in his chest as soon as a snake coils itself about his gun when he was going to the bathroom. The snake is climate startled, and pulls the trigger on his rifle as he picks it up.55 - Cardiac A-Breast -A woman around to go out for a party put on a metal-lined bra to improve the shape of her bust. A suddenly thunderstorm allows her to present herself off, obtaining the attention of anyone at the party, until a bolt that lightning hits the woman"s metal bra, killing her instantly.64 - Habeus Corpse - make the efforts to admire a brand-new workmate, a lawyer operation head-on right into a home window on the fortieth floor the his office to prove that unbreakable, a stunt he had actually done multiple times without any kind of injury. Unfortunately, the home window gives way and he drops to his death.66 - guitar Zero - 2 Chinese hefty metal musiclovers invest their nights doing air guitar and listening to according to music when jumping back and soon on your beds. Top top this details occasion, one of the guys slips off the bed beside the home window and falls six story to his death. His friend follows suit and jumps the end after him. 72 - Bowed the end - A worried Japanese man waiting to accomplish his future boss dies when he accidentally headbuttshim as soon as the two guys bow, which causes an unknown aneurysm within the would-be employee"s mind to rupture.76 - Crash-Endo - A talented however clumsy violinist that worships her hands rolfes on top of her ankle and also falls down a flight of stairs. Refusing to break the autumn with she hands, she slams she head against the wall surface when she reaches the bottom, cracking she skull and killing her.77 - Red, White, and also Blew - A team of rednecks effort to celebrate the fourth of july through launching a homemade firework native a homemade launcher. As soon as it stops working to work, among them looks down the barrel the the launcher, and also the firework explodes in his face.78 - message Dead - A man is textinghis girlfriend when driving, asking around where she need to be picked up. Unaware the the two"s routes are about to meet, the male accidentally runs over his girlfriend in his truck once she unknowingly measures out in front of it.85 - Doggie format - A drunken would-be shoplifterflees a convenience save with just a hotdog.He shoves the whole thing down his throat and also chokes to fatality on it.87 - guys 2 Dead -The members of a one-hit wonder young band from the 1990s room now decreased to playing at bars and little clubs come uninterested audiences. Top top this occasion, the command singer decides to do a phase dive after seeing a fan with a camcorder screaming his name. That jumps right into the crowd but with no pan to catch him, he falls to the ground and also shatters his spinal cord, leading to paralysis and dying from absence of oxygen while the rest of the band finish the performance.88 - Pussy Whipped -A closet cat-hater that is additionally allergic to cat begrudgingly agrees to look after ~ his girlfriend"s cat while she"s out of town. In bespeak to pass the time, he starts drinking heavily. Together he gets an ext intoxicated and his allergies get progressively worse, he tries to kick the cat and misses. The rug that is was standing on slides, resulting in him to lose his balance, struggle his head and also get knocked unconscious, and land confront down in the cat"s water bowl. The man at some point drowns after ~ inhaling all the water in the bowl.89 - Greased is the word - A would-be robber plan to rob a jewelry store. He puts a pair that pantyhoseon his face as a mask, which avoids him from see clearly. He ends up in a pistol shop instead, where the customers and also clerks—all legit armed and also acting in self-defence-- shooting the man multiple times until he drops dead indigenous a deadly shot to the heart.91 - De-coffinated - A soil dispute in between two brother ends v one brother asking a witch doctor to poison the other, resulting in paralysis. Believed to it is in dead, the poisoned brothers is buried alive, and also his corpse is later uncovered by tomb robbers. Shortly prior to his death, he tried come claw his way out with his fingers, wearing them under to the bone.92 - Fang Banged - A drunk guy is shot in ~ by his equally drunk brother. The drunk guy dodges the bullet, yet ends increase dead when he falls on height of a rattlesnakethat bites him near his heart.96 - Poi Vey -A Jew that is obsessed through a hula dancer decides to stalk her, however she rejects him. His attempts come woo her by leaving food on her doorstep, surfing and also serenading her are all in vain. ~ one critical attempt to romance her fails, he gets depressed and also drowns his depression in some alcoholic drinks. In his inebriated state, the takes part in a torch ceremony, where he records himself ~ above fire and also is melted to death.97 - Oprah Winfried - one obnoxious former death row inmate whise sentence was changed to life without special amnesty is watching Oprah on his metallic jail toilet and also is electrocuted once he bring away an exposed portion of the power cord in an attempt to settle his TV reception.98 - Huffington Toast -Three huffers gain high off aerosol fumes from spray repaint cans. Later, they uncover jars that solvent, and also one decides to to water it top top himself, attempting to acquire higher. The liquid evaporates quickly and also absorbs his body warm and, in an attempt to acquire warm, he asks his friends for a lighter. As soon as one hands him a lit match, his clothes quickly catch fire and also he burns come death. His friends operation off, and also are later on arrested for manslaughter.101 - Weenie Roast -A team of men and also women top top a camping pilgrimage play fact or dare. A male is dared by among the ladies to urinate top top an electric fence. The man declines, though an additional man adheres to through with the dare and also when the to pee makes contact with the fence, he is electrocuted.102 - Dead load -A drunk weightlifter renders a bet v his workout companion that he deserve to lift a 350 pound I-beam he discovered at a construction site, however ends up shedding his grip and also dropping it on his chest.103 - work-related of Fart - come prepare because that a fraternity farting contest, a college student hires a flatulence trainer well-known for his unconventional methods. The trainer applies alit punch torchto the student"s buttocksand is eliminated when the student"s gases collection him ~ above fire.105 - French Fried - A French maid performs for a dice elderly millionaire in bed who is hooked up to a respiratorto bring oxygen right into his body. The maid plugs Christmas lights in and wraps them roughly herself, which reasons the house"s circuits to overload, make the power go out. The respirator stop operating, and the man dies from lack of oxygen.108 - Exhaustdead -A woman covertly dates another man to escape she abusive boyfriend. As soon as he find out, he drives to the restaurant whereby the woman is conference the various other man and plans to pelt them v his paintball gun. That backs his car versus a pile of trash, which blocks the exhaust pipe. The exhaust comes out through the air air conditioning vents, and he at some point dies once high level of carbon monoxide to fill his car and also poison him.110 - knives of Glory - A one-timehockeyprospect playing in a city league gets into a fight with an opponent during a game and pushes that on the ice. Together the foe falls, his ice skate slashes throughout his aggressor"s throat, severing the carotid artery and also killing him from extreme blood loss.111- back Broke hill -An unhappily married pair on the verge that divorce go for a walk near a cliff. The husband plans on death his mam to collection her insurance money by taking a photo of themselves v his phone and then shoving her over the edge. Together they are around to take the photo and also he do the efforts to support her over, the mam tries to get him come let walk of her and also accidentally knocks him end the leaf instead, breaking plenty of of his bones and killing him.112 - fur Burger - In the second century, one technique of executionwas pack the victim in freshly-killed pet skins, tie him come a tree, and also leaving him come be eaten alive by everything carnivores taken place to be in the area. In this case, it to be a flock of vultures.113 - Tanks because that Nothing -A devout Buddhist mrs meditates inside a sensory deprivation tank. A Florida water moccasin line slithers into the tank due to the fact that of that is warmth and bites the woman out of fear, leaving she to die from the venom.114 - Vegged the end - after ~ landing a date with a bicyclist,a gardenerpicks a zucchini together an help on which to practice fellatio. When walking about with the vegetables in her mouth, she measures on the blade of a hoe bring about the stick come hit the zucchini, lodging that in her throat and she chokes to death on it.115 - Lady and the Trampled -A drunken biker pulls off a woman dancer"s top at a bar throughout the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and another dancer defends her girlfriend by knocking him come the ground. The biker is then trampled to death by number of drunk guys who sirloin to the stage to check out the mrs who had just to be stripped.116 - Shanks because that the memory -A disgruntled, has-been golf star and her husband spend their days gaining drunk, fighting, and insulting each various other at windy golf courses. In the middle of a boil argument, the couple loses focus and also crashes your golf cart. The cart rolls under a hill, crushing both of them.117 - Gut Busted - one obese male startsbelchingand flatulating constantly if on a day due to countless peptic ulserslining his stomach. Thinking the belching and also flatulence is simply as result of gas, that asks his day to punch him in the stomach to avoid it. Instead, the affect causes his stomach to burst, leaking acid right into his abdomen.118 - Blown job -A mrs attempts to obtain a promotion, yet her boss will only give her the promo if she gives him a blowjob. She refuses and, in disgust, guzzles down multiple energy drinks. When she sees one more employee obtain the promotion rather by law what she wouldn"t do, she instantly gets angry. She anger, merged with extreme amounts of caffeine, reasons her to get in cardiac arrest.120 - thankful Bed -A musician that is around to be evicted evades his angry landlord through soundproofing his apartment through empty egg cartons and also hides behind his Murphy bed, but gets trapped. No one can hear him screaming for assist because the the egg cartons, and also he eventually suffocates.123 - Tali-Bombed - 2 would-be terrorists plan to set off a bomb utilizing a GPStimer. They collection the timer for one hour, yet they begin it right as soon as daylight save time starts, causing the bomb to punch up the two men.124 - E-I-E-I-OWW -Two con artist posing together preachers go about the country handing out Bibles and also having sex through their woman customers. One day, they finish up at a farm, wherein they attempt to have actually sex with the farmer"s granddaughter. Hearing the commotion, the farmer"s wife chases the males with a shotgun, forcing them come hide in a serial silo. One of the males uses a lighter to watch where castle are, and also ends up killing himself and also his partner by bring about a dust explosion.125 - Love Bugged - A French male dies indigenous ablack widowbite in a misguided attempt to construct an immune to that is venom. He was later uncovered eaten through his reptile pet bypolice officers.140 - Bitch Zapped -An exceptionally shrewish and also drunk woman harshly criticizes she husband"s lawn mowing and, after obtaining frustrated, decides to end up the job herself to display him how he should do it. The mrs runs end the cord come the arc welder that his car and is electrocuted, lot to the happiness of she long-suffering husband.142 - snake Du Jour -The head chief of a black industry restaurant the serves dangerous and also endangered pets is bitten top top the cheek by a king cobra that he attempted come turn into his recent dish.146 - Belly"d up - A belly dancer practicing because that an upcoming competition in her home tries a move that requires wrapping one finish of her sash approximately her neck and throwing the other finish into the air. She coincidentally hangs herself when the component of her sash in the air catches on a moving ceiling fan.150 - Coffin Nailed - A necrophiliac working in a morgue drives a casketto a funeral house in his van. Before the drive, he had sex with the corpse and forgot to secure the casket. As soon as a car comes the end in prior of him, the man makes a sudden stop, i m sorry flings the casket forward and hits the driver in the back of the head, severing his brainstem.156 - difficult Balled -A bully hurls lacrosse balls at other students come impress some girls. One round bounces turn off the wall, and when the is distracted through the most attractive girl at the school, it hits him in the chest and also triggers commotio cordis, resulting in him to dice of arrhythmia.157 - Hydro-Co-Done -A pair get high in your hot tub after overdosing ~ above painkillers and also drinking champagne. The temperature gauge malfunctions, and also the temperature of the water rises to the boil point, yet they room both also intoxicated come react and also are boiled alive.168 - composed Offed -A military-store owner who is encountering foreclosure is confronted by a banker prepared to repossess his business. ~ the owner indicators a contract the throws the banker"s pen in anger. The banker requirements a brand-new pen, pointing come one in the screen case, which is actually a gun the looks prefer a pen. The owner tries to describe this to the banker, but is ignored. The banker inadvertently aims the gun in ~ himself and also shoots self in the head.171 - Nite Capped - A guy is shot with the shoulder and killed on new Years Eveby a stray cartridge fired right into the waiting by revelers a few miles away.176 - Tree Mugger -A nature enthusiast chains self to a tree in protest to it being cut down—and ends up getting mauled and eaten alive by a grizzly bear.177 - Jack "n" Croaked - Jack Daniel samples the taste of his family brew and also keeps questioning his workers to perfect it. He it s okay drunk in the process, yet finally renders the perfect batch. He decides to update his family recipe, which is save on computer in a safe, however is for this reason drunk that he can"t psychic the combination. In a drunken rage, he kicks the safe, and cuts his big toe. The cut soon i do not care infected, and he dies of sepsis 2 weeks later.179 - Pam Caked -A high school cheerleader captain gets jealous when a new girl join the cheerleader squad. Top top homecoming night, as the girl are around to execute the hoe stretch development with the brand-new girl on top, the captain lets her go, she falls, and also the other girls involved her aid. Before the captain deserve to gloat, she steps in front of the banner and gets trampled by the soccer team as they run with it.186 - Die-Agra - throughout a failing marriage, a man"s wife privately grinds up 3 Viagra pills and also puts them into his beer in an attempt to "jump start" his sex drive. The male then gets a speak to from his mistress and takes three an ext Viagra pills before going to she house. The mistress later on drops another three pills right into his beer. During sex, too lot blood rushes come his penis since of the 900mg overdose of Viagra, which deprives blood come his brain, at some point killing him.196 - Radium girl - In the 1920s, a group of female manufacturing facility workers room employed at a plant that offers radium-laced paint to create fluorescent clock faces. One day at work, the girls an alert that the paint also glows when applied to their skin and lips. They begin using it as body repaint to surprise their lovers throughout sex. The recurring applications that the radiation paint at some point gives all the female employees bone cancer. A few have passed away from this cancer, but some survivors filed a lawsuit on the factory, bring about an overhaul in workplace safety rules.197 - Dead Eye - A high institution PEteacher demonstrates the javelinand makes an superior throw. To run to retrieve the javelin, he transforms around and yells to the class, only to impale himself through the eye top top the javelin as soon as he turns earlier around, steering it right into his brain.198 -Samurai fatality Squad -An underground group dubbed the "Samurai death Squad" challenge each others" vessel by engaging in modern-day day jousting matches, making use of tuner cars and spears while the females stand approximately in skimpy schoolgirl outfits sucking on lollipops. Among the guys gets his shoulder cut, causing him to have actually trouble stop his spear. Intended to slice his foe back, that accidentally impales him v his eye and all the means out the ago of his head.199 - Me therefore Hornet - A male doing lawn work-related is challenged by his wife about sex, but she states he has to eliminate a hornets swarm first. ~ failing to get it down v a rake, he it s okay a paintball gun and shoots it, knocking it come the ground. The hornets assault him and also he dies as result of an unknown allergy come hornet venom.201 - Blown project - A disgruntled, alcoholicclown, who ironically to be afraid that clownsas a child, cd driver to a date of birth party because that his next job. When he stops quick in front of the party, a canister that carbon dioxide roll up against his seat, inflating a giant balloon while he is still in the car. That is too drunk to feeling the danger until the is too late, and dies when the balloon presses him versus the door and also he suffocates.202 - Reef Stew -A Fijian tribe in the south Pacific cannot discover meat throughout typhoon season, so they are compelled to omit it from their diet, just to flourish hungrier together the days continue. One night, 2 drug smugglers to wash up on your island trying to find provisions, to the joy of the tribe. The men are to win unconscious, stripped naked, boiled alive for five hours, and eaten.204 - Cream-ated -A male who experienced emotional and sexual abuse indigenous his sadistic uncle in a cow costume establishes a fetish because that drinking milk directly from a cow"s udders. ~ above this particular occasion, he is kicked in the head when he by chance bites the cow"s teat, and dies as soon as his brain bleeds out inside his skull.207 - Glow project -A medicine dealer gets bored when company slows down. He then decides to take a couple of hits the ecstasy. In his high, he injects himself with glow pole fluid, causing phenol poisoning.208 - Semi-cide - A man is run over and also cut in half by a 18 wheeler while working under his vehicle at a gas station. His upper body and also legs to be accidentally sent to different hospitals and also the man could not be conserved as a result.210 - an Irishman ~ above a golfcourse in the United says is recovering his round from the rough when a rat operation up his trousers leg, scratches his leg, and urinates top top him. The urine seeps right into the scratch, leading to an infectionwhich kills him a week later.217- Suck she Punched - throughout dressing boxer who gets angry once someone calls that a "lady" is nearly attacked through a rapist lurking in the alley behind a boxing gym, who doesn"t recognize that his target is in reality a man. The boxer defends self by punching the rapist through a powerful right overcome to his temple. The would-be rapist"s mind compresses and also bleeds out inside his skull, causing him to pass out and die because of blood loss and also severe brain damage.218 - Samu-Fry -Two teenagers attempt to interact in a katana fight after city hall a samurai movie. Among them gets angry with the other for break his mother"s favourite lamp, yet the other one mirrors no remorse. When they take their fight outside, the one who broke the desk lamp attempts to land a deadly strike top top his friend, however his katana slices v a low-hanging strength line and he electrocutes himself.221 - Rebel there is no APulse - quickly after the end of the civil War, a deserter is ordered come be enforcement via shooting squad. All of the shooters miss, yet the deserter dies anyway native a massive heartattackcaused by listening the shots.222 - vehicle Jacked - A auto thief attempts to steal a muscle auto by descending indigenous the garage ceiling by a rope. His leg becomes tangled in his rope, leaving the suspended upside down. Can not to free himself, the thief eventually dies from rising blood pressure and also multiple strokes after ~ 48 hours.223 - Offed the Hook -A survivalist survives acquiring electrocuted ~ trying come poach electricity, and virtually got strangled to fatality on a chain when trying to lift one elk carcass. But then dies after tripping in a ditch and also getting stabbed in the throat through his own meat hook while walking home to his trailer.224 - Snakey Brakey Neck -A spoiled rich guy vacations in the jungle through a tourism guide. Skipping his tour guide"s warnings, he lies under for a nap, and wakes to discover tarantulas anywhere him. In horror, the runs out of his tent and also leans against a tree. A boa constrictor climate wraps about his neck, strangling him to death.226 - Gasketballed - A young pair in college climb right into a large helium-filled basketball and their brains begin dying. They establish they require to obtain out, but can"t due to the fact that they are unable discover the zipper to open up it. They ultimately suffocate, as result of the absence of oxygen.227 - Ruffed increase -A mrs desperate for a job reluctantly takes a position as a dog walker, regardless of her intense hatred for dogs. On her first day, the dogs drag her throughout the ground. She cannot break cost-free from the countless leashes bound to she wrist, and also she collides through a tree head-first, damaging she temporal lobe and also killing her.229 - Succu Offed - 2 stoners through a huge collection the cacti return indigenous theArizona Desertwith a steal cactus. They celebrate by drinking a brew that mezcal and peyote. In a mutual hallucination, the Saguaro speak them they will be punished because that stealing it, resulting in them come flee in panic. One drops ona plantand gets impaledthrough the heart. The various other runs head-on into another Saguaro and its needles pierce him v his eyes and also into his brain.230 - Trailer Trashed - A newly-married male attempts come unclog his new RV"s toilet with bleach since other attempts come unclog it no work. The bleach reacts with the sewageto kind chlorine gas, &suffocates him.234 - ReToaded - Two males search the civilization for the can be fried high while making a video. They end up in Peru in search of the Colorado flow toad but they actually choose up the yellow banded toxicity dart frog instead. Castle lick the toad"s secretions, believing this will obtain them high. Instead, the toad"s poison paralyzesthem and shuts down their hearts.235 - Wrin-Killed -A purse snatcher attempts come steal one elderly woman"s purse. The woman, however, has 30 years of suffer in Taekwondo, and beats the severely before crushing his windpipe together impressed passers-by watch in amusement.236 - Screwged -An yonsei Scrooge attacks a team of carolers gathered external his house during a hailstorm by throw rotten fruit in ~ them. As the carolers run off, a huge hailstone access time the guy on the head, fracturing his skull.238 - Washed and also Fried -Desperate to do extra money, 5 strippers pose together college cheerleaders offering vehicle washes. As they space washing an elderly widower"s dirty van, the exposed cord of a strength buffer it s okay wet and also electrocutes all 5 women.254 - Booby-Zapped - A man, paranoid come the point of paralysis and insomnia over current events, places booby traps about his residence to safeguard himself. To acquire some much-needed sleep, he takes some sleeping pills,but the pills come with the side effect of sleepwalking. Later on that night, the guy sleepwalks come his refridgeratorto get some food, escaping every catch he placed until he sit down, i m sorry triggers a laser-operated shotgun the shoots that in the head.261 - Gum"s words -A masculine nurse infamous for scamming elderly women out of your money and also valuables provides a house speak to to a woman who wears dentures and also has bad breath. No hope to freshen his mouth, the nurse rushes right into the bathroom and also finds what he believes to be breath mints in the woman"s medicine cabinet, however they turn out to be denture whitening tablets. To to wash the taste that the tablet computers away, he drinks from a glass that water, not knowing it"s fluid denture cleaner. The tablets and liquid eat away at his cradle tract and also deprive his blood cell of oxygen, suffocating him.269 - home window Pained - A PeepingTomspies on a mrs dancing approximately her home in lingerie. He partially enters a home window to get a far better look, but is spotted and also accidentally hits the window support when trying to get out. The window breaks his neck, killing him.277 - You"re for this reason Vein - one inmate gift executed through poisoninitially doesn"t react to the chemicals the were injected, since the strap restraining his eight is acting together a tourniquet. When his restraints are undone, that confronts the witnesses. But prior to he have the right to do anything, the poison takes effect, finally killing him.278 - Gas Holed -A proctologist v a fetish because that women"s rears begins to run on a pole dancer that damaged she rectum throughout a porno movie shoot. Before the operation, the doctor failed to recommend her not to eat anything because that 12 hours. Top top the work of the operation, the doctor"s cauterizer ignites the woman"s flatulence, creating a fireball which travels through the doctor"s windpipe and incinerates his lungs.283 - Deadliest capture - one easily-agitated electriciantries his hand in ~ fishing to calm his nerves, yet is frustrated by no being maybe to make a catch. He strings a 12,000 volt electrical wire into the lake to death the fish, however accidentally steps off the wooden boat seat through his ceiling feet onto the steel of the watercraft floor, electrocuting himself.288 - Chippin Dale - Two men shredding four in a woodchipper room just around done once the critical branch jams the woodchipper. Worried to acquire to his residence to watch TV, one of them irrationally tries to unjam the woodchipper with his foot, yet his foot it s okay stuck and also he it s okay shredded alive.293 - Freeze passed away - A guy is dpuposely locked in a walk-in freezer because that stealing cuts of meat and getting his employer"s 17-year-old nephew pregnant, and dies of hypothermia.297 - A revolve for the Purse -A stripper life in a suburban town has her purse steal by a mugger ~ above a bicycle, who endangers her with a screwdriver. A surrounding man look at the mugger and goes after him. The mugger speed away, but hits his cycle on a rock and flies ~ above a lawn. That dies as soon as he floor on his screwdriver, which punctures the in the chest and heart.299 - Fansicle -A football fanatic goes to a video game half-naked in freezing weather. Since his skin is painted blue, no one is maybe to view that he is freezing and also he is also drunk to tell anyone the he needs aid and he end up dice of hypothermia.300 - negative Hair job -A woman on a dual date refuses come let her boyfriend make out with her out of are afraid that her hair will certainly be ruined. Finally, the friend gets angry and also the 2 step outside to smoke, through the woman"s friend lighting hair for her. The fire from his lighter to adjust fire to her hairspray-saturated hair and also the woman dies from the fire burning her scalp so severely that it reasons extensive brain damage.301 - son of a Leech - one escaped mrs convicthides indigenous police because that forty-five minutes in a 55°F lake complete of leeches. As soon as she comes the end of the water, she is as well weak native hypothermia and blood loss come move and dies that exposure.302 - Funny Boned - An conveniently amused man dies that cardiac arrest after laughing because that 36 hours straight end an unknown punchline come a joke.303 - Road eliminated -A nature-worshipping young mrs accidentally operation over a raccoon. Distraught, she do the efforts to do CPR ~ above the pet and, when looking approximately inhale, it s okay decapitated by the bumper the a pass truck whose driver did not watch her in the center of the road310 - Cult escaped -A teenage girl who had been in foster residences for most of her life is sent out to live with really devout Christian couple. Lock are encouraged that she is own by the Devil since of her tattoos, piercings, dark make-up, and interest in the Goth subculture, for this reason they and a group of friends from church try to exorcise her. They tie she to the ground within an fastened tent and burn coal and also incense throughout the exorcism, which at some point gives anyone in the time carbon monoxide poisoning native inhaling the fumes. The girl, who had a class of fresh air above her, is the just survivor. She escapes and goes to the shopping mall to fulfill up with her boyfriend, no caring about the fact that everyone around her to be dead.311 - Texas fold Em -A junkyard owner cheats in a Texas host "em poker video game in his automobile junkyard. They an alert and follow the man outside, where he hides in a wrecked minivan. A mechanical claw clamps ~ above the van and also carries him to a vehicle crusher, i m sorry crushes him to death.312 - Re-Formed - A theif hides in a dumpster, and the dumpster is cleared into a garbage truck. More garbage is cleared on peak of him, trapping him and the pack of garbage is compacted, crushing him.314 - Shit happens - A farmhandbeing chased by a farmer for attempting to have actually sex through his daughter hides in a manure truck. A pack of manure is dumped on the farmhand, suffocating and crushing him.316 - target Fucked - A man falls asleep if smoking and sets himself on fire. He is rescued, taken to a hospital, and wrapped from head to toe in bandages wet in burn medicine to law his third degree burns.Three weeks without a tobacco later, the bribes a nurse come let him outside for a couple of minutes. He smuggles a cigarette out and lights it, but the ashes indigenous the tobacco ignite his bandages. As he battles to placed the fire out, his wheelchair rolls down the ramp and also his oxygen tank explodes when the chair access time the bottom, incinerating him.319 - Rubbered the end - A 32-year-old virgin has sex with a hooker who makes him undertake a latex suit and a ball gag together she"s punishing him.The guy soon has an unknown allergy reaction come the latex suit, and ends up dying because his cries the distress to be muffled through the ball gag and also the hooker assumed he was groaning native pleasure, not pain.321 - bad Assid -Four friends space bored on a rainy day, till a 5th friend mirrors up with some LSD. One girl, having recently damaged up with her boyfriend, takes two hits. They start to swim about in an north pool, thinking it"s filled with water. The girl that took 2 joins, and dies once she bellyflops versus the bottom the the pool.322 - The Chokes On girlfriend - A dwarf days an abusive lover who desires him to make money. The tries to perform a musical stand-up comedy act, however he isn"t funny. After testing his jokes numerous times in former of his bored lover, she ultimately gets fed up and hits him in the challenge with her purse, bring about his harmonica come go down his throat and choke him come death. She believed that it to be a brand-new act that was in reality funny and also laughed in ~ it, not knowing around what taken place until that was as well late.332 - small Person huge Death - two dwarf wrestlers fight for a crowd and also get paid a most money. Lock celebrate by having actually sex with some women and getting drunk. While drunk, and trying to impress the women, they damage everything in your hotel room. They end up off by running head-on right into a wall, make the efforts to rest it. One division through, however the other hits the component of the wall surface supported through a 2x4 stud, and also the veins within his head burst. He die from a combination of brain swelling and breathing.333 - prey Trapped -A greedy woman married to an yonsi millionaire locks it s her in a an enig room to play about in the money she stole from her husband"s accounts. If playing approximately one day, a small earthquake hits, causing the bags that money fall on optimal of the woman, crushing her.337 - Mine over Splatter -Three former soldiers space arguing about what is the best aphrodisiac. They decision to beat Russian Roulette to resolve the issue. When none that the males are killed, they begin stomping ~ above the floor in celebration and end increase detonating an old soil mine i m sorry was hidden under their shack, blowing themselves up.343 - smoked -A teenager and his friend smoke ~ above his porch, and also his friend consistently asks him because that cigarettes, never ever paying for his own. Eventually, the various other boy it s okay fed up, lots some cigarettes into a shotgun shell, and fires them at his friend"s challenge as a helpful joke. Unfortunately, they obtain lodged in his friend"s face and also brain, killing him.347 - Re-Tired - A porn addictreads a dirty magazine while inflating a van tire. Distracted through the magazine, the male forgets to inspect on the tire. ~ a while, the tire explodes from over-inflation, lodging pieces from the steel tire rim into his brain and death him.354 - Blood bath &Beyond - A landlord provides a fiber optic scope come spy ~ above young mrs tenants. ~ a while, the decides come drill holes right into the ceiling to check out the woman above in she bathroom, drilling leaks in some pipes in the process. One day while spying ~ above her, the above floor collapses from water damage and also the tub crushes his head.355 - rage Damagement -A team of friends gather at one"s home to watch skilled wrestling. A newcomer, who met the hold at one anger monitoring class, starts picking fights with the other guests. He is killed when he runs headfirst right into the widescreen television, embedding glass shards in his face, breaking his neck, and electrocuting himself.365 - Shit confronted - An alcohol addict recovering native throat surgery asks his mam to offer him an enemaconsisting the sherry.The alcohol bypasses the digestive tract and is absorbed directly right into his bloodstream unfiltered by the liver, leading to alcohol poisoning.378 - Bird Brained -A bachelorette has actually a party in a limousine v her friends. In she drunken stupor, she sticks she head out of the limousine"s sunroof and also a short flying bird flies right into her open up mouth, snapping her neck and killing her.400 - Fat-ality -An obese man desires of becoming a bodybuilder, yet is as well lazy to work-related out and doesn"t have the money because that a liposuction procedure. The male requests the aid of a girlfriend to carry out amateur liposuction on the by using a shop-vac. Throughout the "procedure", the girlfriend accidentally latches top top the man"s intestines and also begins sucking castle out. The girlfriend manages to rotate off the shop-vac, but it"s as well late and the male dies native blood loss and also shock.401 - Abracadaver - A second-rate magician do the efforts to execute the famed"bullet catchtrick". That taps the pistol (loaded with blanks) with his wand, not noticing the a piece of it has broken off and fallen right into the barrel. When his ex-girlfriend assistant fires the blank in his direction because that the illusion, the item is propelled right into his neck, and he bleeds to death. 403 - heart On - A man is electrocuted when he attaches jumper cables a cow heart and also uses it together a sex toy. At first, he attached the cow love to a vehicle battery, however when the didn"t work for him, the tried hooking it approximately a 110-volt wall surface socket, i m sorry is what brought about the electrocution.412 - Em-Bear-Assed - A guy under the influenceof magic mushroomscomes across a group of furriesin animal costumes involved in sexual encounters approximately a campfire in the desert and also attempts to sign up with in, but is rebuffed. That mistakes a nearbybrown bearfor among the participants and also is mauled to death.413 - Just airplane Dead -A previous pilot flying an RC glider ultimately flies it right into the direction the the sun, shedding view the it. The comes earlier behind the pilot, impaling him through his chest.417 - DestRoid - A body builerwho offers anabolic steroidson a daily basis die of a heart attack due to something caused by the steroids.418 - straightforward Slider -A pair finds a pool to hop right into while the owners room away. A construction crew had been by earlier, and also their tools were tho lying around. After acquiring drunk, the man takes the end a tarp and prepares to on slide in the pool, no noticing a pond sitting in the facility of it. He then slides down the tarp and is disemboweled.422 - Constriction Accident - one intoxicated building worker drops asleep in ~ the wheel that a dump truck filled with sand. He accidentally activates the dumping mechanism and also buries a co-worker under three tons of sand, killing him.429 - Weed Wacked - 2 stoners run out the marijuana, for this reason they watch for other things to irradiate up. They unwittingly decision to smoke some poison sumacand die from something resulted in by that is irritating fumes.432 - good Vibrations - A movie make-up artist rides residence with her friend on the back of his motorcycle. The vibrations that the bicycle arouse the mrs to the suggest of orgasmand because that a moment she forgets she is top top the motorcycle. She briefly allows go and ends increase tumbling ~ above the road, breaking numerous bones and damaging she organs.444 - deadliest Munch - A lesbian comes house to discover that she lover burned their dinner for the evening. To lighten the mood, the woman"s lover reveals the she"s attract a candy bra and also G-String. The lesbian starts eating the G-string, but it snaps and she chokes to fatality on it.447 - Water Logged - A college college student jumps native a cliff right into a lake and also hits the water in ~ an angle and speed that reasons water come rush right into his rectum, rupturing his big intestine.He passes the end from massive internal bleedingand pain and drowns.451 - Plumper Humper - A salesman with a fetish for fat women meets an extremely overweight woman, seduces her and also manages to obtain her to have sex with him. She passes the end on top of the man after climaxing and suffocates him.457 - mix Dead -A mrs tries to accomplish longevity by eat healthy foods grown in her very own garden and blended with each other in a smoothie. However, she landlord has actually been spraying rat toxicity in her garden as soon as she isn"t home. Unaware of she landlord"s actions, she spend the poisoned produce, i beg your pardon thins her blood and also makes her significantly ill. She proceeds to consume her poison-laced produce. The woman ultimately dies of a brain hemorrhage while exercising on her medication ball.463 - Smoke-A-Doped -A man refuses to have sex through his sex addict girlfriend because of her likewise being a smoker. The mrs finds a crate of nicotine job in her bathroom and puts a month"s precious of them everywhere her human body so she have the right to quit overnight. The overfill of nicotine overloads the woman"s systems and also she die of cardiac arrest.479 - Fore Head -A thief hides behind a "Virtual Golf" screen in one arcade to wait for closing time. Bored and also impatient, he cut a feet in the display screen screen to see outside and, together he"s looking, a player hits a golf ball into the screen, i m sorry strikes the thief in the forehead, fracturing his skull and sending pieces right into his brain.485 - Nurse instance Scenario - A night nurse is mugged by a gun-toting medicine addict throughout her shift. She tries come knock the unconscious by providing him prescription drugs, yet they room ineffective. The addict quickly tries come rape the nurse and she lures him come an MRI room by stripping. The nurse then turns it on come disarm the addict, yet the addict has actually a stole plate in his skull, i beg your pardon is also attracted by the MRI machine"s magnetic force and the male flies right into the machine, hitting his head on the optimal of the maker and dies of brain damage indigenous the substantial blow. 498 - Choke-A-Lot - 2 dim-witted kitchen aides beat by cram cocoapowderat each other in a border room. The powder filling the wait &their lungs and also they at some point die.499 - Pained pistol - A pair that high-school guys film us shooting world with a paintball total as part of a hare-brained plot to come to be videostars on youtube. As soon as the pistol malfunctions, among the guys shoots the canister of carbon dioxide at 200mph into the larynx of his friend, which division his neck and also kills him.502 - Gas-Hole - A wanted drug dealer hides the end in the wilderness. Wanting to get drunk, however having no booze (and not willing come get recorded by authorities by setup foot in a bar), the drinksthe petrol from his motorcycle, however is can not to keep it down. As soon as he vomits it earlier up right into his campfire, that is engulfed in flames.504 - Wel-Dead - one junkie functioning at a metal shop connects a welder to his ear piercings to provide an electric shock and also adrenaline rush. He transforms the voltage ~ above the welder to the preferably setting, and also the electrical power disrupts his natural electric rhythms, bring about cardiac arrest.505 - Vermin-ated - A convictedrobber ~ above the run hides in a drainage pipe and also gets stuck. Later on that night, rats appear and start eating him alive, ultimately eating into his brain.510 - kill Basa - A guy who wants to sports a "large package" offers surgical tubing to tie a 12-inch keilbasa sausage to his top thigh. However, he provides it so tight the it cut off his circulation.The blood in his clogged artery creates into a gerean over the following several hours, ultimately killing him at a night club.515 - Vike-O-Done - A Viking kills and also decapitates his rival, and when he swings the severed head in victory, the teeth of the head accidentally strike his thigh, resulting in an epidemic that kills him ten work later.517 - Tongue bound -A group of teenagers play a game where two of lock kiss if in separate relocating cars. One couple"s tongue piercings get caught together, and also they are unable to cost-free themselves. A forklift passes in between the cars, and also they room decapitated.518 - Jake "NBaked - A narcoleptic metal worker falls asleep in a curing oven.When a friend/co-worker locks that in and also turns the cooktop on to 600 °F for 12 hours, not discovering the man is in the oven, that is burnedalive.521 - Toilet rolled -A functioning alcoholic steamroller operator drink while control his vehicle, then leaves to usage a port-a-potty. He forgets to collection the hydraulic brake ~ above the steamroller, which rolls under the hill and also crushes the port-a-potty with the man still inside it.528 - D. U.Die - 2 drunk men go for a journey in a station wagon. When driving at 60 miles per hour, the driver start to get carsick. He leans the end the window tovomit,causing the car to swerve towards the leaf of the street, and also is decapitated once his head slams right into a mailbox.534 - Chucked-Up - A woman is acting the end a bondage fantasy through her husband with a live webcam once a housebreaker breaks into the house and begins stealing things. The woman is duct-taped and handcuffed to she chair, so she can"t escape, protect against the housebreaker or scream for help. After taking her laptop, the leans end her face to give thanks to her for making his task easy. Odor the thief"s extremely bad breath, she vomitsbut the duct tapeprevents it from exiting she mouth, and it goes under her windpipeinto her lungs, essentially drowning her. The robber leaves, oblivious come the woman"s death.539 - Micro-Whacked -A drug addict gets high off meth, cocaine, prescription drugs, and also PCP one night. During his high, the guy thinks his lava desk lamp is flowing too slowly and also puts it in a microwave to rate up the wax. Eventually, the desk lamp explodes, scalding the man in hot wax and also lodging broken glass right into his face and brain.540 - Beer Bashed -A rugby team throw a coast party after ~ losing another game. Among the players gets drunk in anger and also the remainder of the team abandons him. In his drunken state, the throws a keg of beer ~ above a bonfire in an attempt to heat it up. When the keg heats as much as a particular temperature, it explodes and the steel scraps cut through his body.553 - Butt-Plugged - A newly-released con control drunk through a hookerin the front chair shoves a deserve to of pepper sprayinto his buttto protect against detection by a police officer that pulls that over. When the officer shoves the con against his truck for talking ago to the officer, the deserve to is activated, soaking his within colon and also eating the meat away.557 - D-Parted -As a mrs attempts come seduce a construction crew, one worker loses control of his concrete saw, launching the blade at her and cutting she in half.559 - Mile dice Club -An abusive guy trying to stop his soon-to-be ex-wife from leaving him climbs right into the cargo bay of his wife"s plane. The temperature drops together the plane rises, and he dies of hypothermia.590 - UninTented - during a hike in the desert, a nymphomaniacdumps her friend after learning that that can"t fulfill her. She security the rest of the moment masturbating inside her tent till a freak wind sweeps the tent right into the air with her still inside. After ~ flying because that a while, the time crashes into the roof the a shed, whereby the woman is killed from a serious skull fracture.599 - Mercury in Uranus -A guy who pleasures himself by shoving big items into his rectum is hospitalized multiple time to gain them removed. When left alone ~ the item is removed, he finds a drawer containing glass rectal mercury thermometers and also shoves ripe of them videotaped together increase his anus. As soon as startled through the doctor, the guy jumps back on the bed and also accidentally division the thermometers while they are still within him, causing interior bleeding and mercury poisoning.606 - Wet Dream - A man who wants to live favor a fish makes a fish suit and attempts to usage it. The suit is therefore constricting, however, that he cannot acquire into the water rapid enough, and also he perishes from warmth exhaustion.608 - Catch and Decease -A guy hires a group of natives and also abuses lock while making lock look because that gold. He urinates in the river throughout one that his swims, and also a candiru enters his penis and travels with his urethra. The man rips the end the fish, together with much of the within of his penis, and is eaten alive by piranhas attracted by the escaping blood, to the amusement the the natives.610 - Deep Fried - A steel shop worker with serious anger issues is fired afterpeople grow worn down of the man"s outbursts. When he returns to occupational to acquire revenge on his boss, the last shoves the former into a vat of hydrochloric acid, i m sorry eats far at his flesh and internal organs.611 - Boris Bitoff - A soldier misses his possibility to have actually sex through his female colleague, so he do the efforts to have actually sex through a raccooninstead. While trying to obtain the raccoon to perform fellatio , the raccoon bites his prick off, and he bleeds come death.616 - Cock-A-Doodle-Die - A guy cheats ina dick fightingcompetition by putting razor bladeson his rooster"s feet. His rooster death his opponent"s rooster nearly right away, and his foe notices the razor blades. He lets the crowd know about it, and they end up being an angry mob. Simply as they"re about to strike the cheater, his own rooster"s razors part his jugular vein open and he bleeds to death.617 - USSR Dead -An immigrant who freshly joins the Russian Mafia burns his fingers v sulfuric mountain so the he will not leaving fingerprints. To celebrate, the elderly and senile bartender pours drinks for the mobsters. However, he mistakenly picks up the acid instead of the vodka bottle because of the 2 bottles and also liquid looking exactly alike. No one of the men an alert until it"s also late, and also the acid dissolves their tissue and also organs, killing them.620 - Mudder suck -A an elderly sorority girl bullies she pledges into building a mud wrestling pit for an upcoming event. One of her pledges pushes the an elderly into the pit. The two girls fight until the other pledges drag the one pledge out of the pit. As the an elderly struts roughly in the pit, gloating over her victory, she steps right into a sinkhole and also gets sucked listed below the surface, eventually dying that suffocation.622 - brain Worms - A pair eat live snails and ingest parasites that travel with their bloodstreams to your brains, wherein they feeding on their brain matter until the pair dies.625 - Midnight Choker - A man impresses bar patrons through swallowing an 8 balland climate regurgitating it. The tries come repeat the trick v the slightly larger cue ball, yet the enhanced size prevents the ball from passing earlier up his throat and also he chokes to death.629 - Sex-Ray - A guy is having actually an x-rayof his head taken when the doctor and also nurse begin having sexin the manage room together the amused patience watches. The pair accidentally hit the exposure button repeatedly while having sex, at some point giving the patient a lethal sheep of radiation.638 - Oz Holed - Two teens obsessed through rock legend Ozzy Ozborne snort fire ants in solemn event of Ozzfest, believing in the metropolitan legend that Osbourne had actually done the same. The ants instantly latch onto your trachea and proceed come bite and sting them repeatedly, bring about swelling and also eventual suffocation.640 - Tumble die - A repairman climbs into a damaged industrial clothes dryer to repair it, after sending out his assistant to shut turn off its circuit breaker.However, the assistant shuts turn off the dorn breaker, leaving the device energized. The door closes and also the dry cycle begins, killing the repairman indigenous hyperthermia in ~ minutes.652 - Botoxicated - A woman desperate to remove her wrinkles hires an inexperienced medical professional to administer Botox in she home. The guy unknowingly injects other else right into her face, resulting in intense pain and paralaysis. While lying in a hot bath tub trying come relax, the woman"s entire body becomes paralyzed and she slips underwater and also drowns.655 - two Stoopid -A drunken male puts a mattress on top of his friend"s truck and rides it, however the cord slips indigenous his grip and also he flies off the van at 60 miles per hour. In ~ the very same time, top top the various other side the the country, another drunk decides to bungee jump off of a cherry picker, yet his bungee cord is also long, and also he is eliminated when he hits the ground with an ample amount of rope to spare. In both cases, the men damaged most that the bones in your bodies.657 - Dead warmth -A woman is food preparation for her new boyfriend and also asks him come smell part exotic, imported spices, not learning that he has actually asthma. The asthmatic"s inhaler shortly runs out of medicine, and he dies of a enormous attack.662 - phone call Boned -A mrs goes come an acupuncturist come cure her seeks to texting. While lying on her back during the treatment, the woman"s cell phone starts to get multiple texts. She tries come reach for it, but ends increase falling come the floor face-down. One acupuncture needle the was on the woman"s chest stabs she in the heart, killing her instantly.672 - Erecto-Phobia -A man cheating ~ above his girlfriend gets bitten by a wandering spider while obtaining some bananas out of her grocery bag. The spider"s venom causes his blood vessels to dilate, causing a irreversible erection. After having sex v two various other women, the venom reasons him to have a love attack.674 - Kildo - A woman shoves a peeled carrot upher vaginato use it together a dildo. A sharp edge on the carrot tears a tiny section of her vaginal wall, and also the activity of masturbation pressures air right into it, resulting in air in she bloodstream to sirloin to she heart whereby it becomes lodged, impede blood flow and also killing her.710 - Tanked Girl - A woman scuba diver waits in a decompression chamberafter making an emergency swim earlier to the surface. A maintain worker, not discovering the diver is in the room, releases the press of the room, resulting in her body to soon explode from quick decompression.712 - Rub-A-Dubbed out - A male who has stolen a bag that groceries from a remote pregnant woman hides in a auto washto escape police. The vehicle wash owner operation the everyday maintenance check, and also the thief i do not care disoriented by the chaos within the automobile wash. Throughout his battle to find the exit, his head becomes impaled through a spray nozzle which filling his skull through water. The force of the water press inside his skull eventually causes his head to explode.713 - Dive Bombed - A group of friends paris themselves residence in a private plane shortly ~ going scuba diving. In ~ 12000ft, castle all endure from decompression sickness and crash, killing everyone aboard.714 - Forked-Up - Two guys under the affect of marijuanadecide to play ~ above a forklift. One drives while the other is traction on a communication behind him attached through a rope, however when the rope gets recorded under the tires of one more vehicle, the rope constricts approximately the rider so tightly the it severs his torso.734 - dice it - A woman, no hope to lose weight, swallows tapeworm larvae.They eat every little thing she does, and also eventually breed, spread out throughout her body, and start eat her internal organs, death her.746 - Pornicated -A erotic addict continues to feeding his addiction, however forgets come eat and also drink. Due to the fact that he has been hoarding so much X-rated material over the years, he gets trapped in his own house, collapses ~ above the floor from dehydration, and dies.756 - financial institution Ruptured - A man with the eat disorder picamanages to fill his stomachwith steel objects, i m sorry eventually cut the surrounding veins and also arteries, pour it until it is full his stomach through blood. His stomach shortly bursts and spills blood right into his abdomen, and also he dies from internal bleeding throughout surgery.770 - Face-Offed - A las Vegas showgirlshaves she legs v a rusty razor blade. Once she accidentally cuts herself, she contract a team Ainfection, which establishes into "flesh-eating" bacteria the eats far her face after surfacing in a pimple, eventually killing her from sepsis.779 - Eel impact -At a sushi chef school, just 2 out of 25 students have graduated. Together a custom, the sushi chef shares shots that sake through his students to celebrate your graduation. After he passes out drunk, the students decide to put a Japanese eel down his pants as payback because that the chef"s abusive punishments. The eel crawls up the chef"s rectum and also eats its way out, causing him to bleed come death.803 - Bomb-Bino - one Italian man who made the failure of get loan money indigenous the Mafia and also not being able to salary them earlier is compelled to destruction his own grave as two mobsters have a picnic nearby. If digging, the guy digs increase a grenade, which the throws at the mobsters" picnic area, not understanding what that is. The grenade blows increase in the mobsters" faces, killing them instantly. The man is spared because that two various reasons: The hole, i beg your pardon he was in, was listed below the level the the explosion and also the dust he dug increase while digging acted as a shield indigenous the blast.817 - round "N pain -Two men steal a large hanster ball and also play roughly in it, but are eliminated after rolling under a hill at 45 miles per hour, consistently hitting their skulls and breaking plenty of of their bones.818 - Frightmare - A woman suffers native a syndrome lugged on through an intense nightmare around a demonic dwarf choking her neck and, together a result, she dies.832 - Lesbocution - A woman freshly dumped by her boyfriend decides to offer up males forever and also goes residence to have sex with her best female friend to celebrate her coming out as a lesbian. During the go home, the mrs takes off her high heels and also steps barefoot right into a puddle with a live cable in it; as soon as she touch the metal light pole beside the puddle, she is electrocuted.856 - Shafted -A mean-spirited office manager it s okay in an elevator with some employees. However, the elevator gets stuck. She desperately attempts to get out. The various other employees help pry open the doors. Together she is climb out, the hydraulic brakes fail and also the elevator proceeds come descend, decapitating her.869 - ago Stabbed -The king of a Viking clan pipeline his younger brother in charge throughout an expedition. The younger Viking celebrates by having actually sex v women. When the queen tries come shut it down, that rapes her. A few months later, when the king returns, he catches his brother having actually his method with her and executes the by slicing open up his earlier and pulling out his lungs, not enabling him come breathe.889 - violin Licked -A terrorist poses as a rug salesman the end on a date. Meanwhile, a CIA certified dealer poses as a violinist at the exact same restaurant, attempting to kill the guy with an experimental laser gun hidden in her violin case. The gamma rays indigenous the gun succeed in causing thermal damage on a molecular level come the terrorist"s brain.892 - Gorgeous canyon - A bulemicmodel orders everything from the room organization menu in her hotel room and also binges. As soon as she goes come purge her meal, she stomach ruptures and she dies.913 - Dead Meat-Eorite - at an outdoor pool party, a man tries to make friends by telling them about church,but is unsuccessful. Later, that is shot with the chest through a meteoritewhile standing next to the swimming pool to speak to a girl.919 - Inquisi-Torn -The inventor that the Spanish cheat is denounced together a heretic during the Spanish Inquisition. That is then inserted on his own maker and is slowly and painfully split in fifty percent through his pelvis.948 - Titty Titty Bang Bang - A woman receives large breast implantsso she can come to be a stripper after months of law low-level tempworkand not earning enough to support her dreams of being an actress. However, the plastic operated doctor who offered her the implants wasn"t licensed and also the implants she gained were substandard and also filled with water containing dissolved oxygen instead of silicone. If on a plane, the pressure reasons the implants come expand and also explode, blowing out the woman"s chest and also killing her.952 - Dumbrella - A knife swallowerwhose job is failing takes a bet to swallow one umbrella, only to accidentally hit the relax button and also cause it come lodge in his throat, causing interior breathingand choking, death him.963 - Fin-Ished - A woman captures a fish for the very first time and, as she pulls it native the water, that flies through the air and also lodges in she throat. The architecture of the fishs scalesprevents she from pulling it out and also she chokes come death.